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This User Agreement describes the terms and conditions which you accept by using our Website or our App Services. Please read these Terms of Use carefully. This is an electronic agreement and by registering for or using any part of the System, You confirm that You have read, understood, accepted and agreed with these Terms of Use and will be bound by them. If You do not agree to be bound by these Terms of Use, You may not access or use any part of the System. These Terms of Use constitute a binding legal agreement between You, an individual User (You or Your) and PT. Mustika Bangun Teknologi (mobile Bangun). If applicable, Your use of the System as a Servicing Provider will be governed by the m-Bangun Services Agreement.

In this User Agreement

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“Account” means the account associated with your email address.

“m-Bangun”“we”“our”“company” or “the company” or “us” means PT. Mustika Bangun Teknologi.

“Inactive Account” means a User Account that has not been logged into for a 6 month period, or other period determined by us from time to time.

“Intellectual Property Rights” means any and all intellectual property rights, existing worldwide and the subject matter of such rights, including:

(a) patents, copyright, rights in circuit layouts (or similar rights), registered designs, registered and unregistered trademarks, and any right to have confidential information kept confidential; and

(b) any application or right to apply for registration of any of the rights referred to in paragraph (a), whether or not such rights are registered or capable of being registered and whether existing under any laws, at common law or in equity.

“Payment” means a payment made by the User for the provision of Services under a User Contract and which will be released in accordance with the section “Payments” of these terms and conditions.

“Project” or “Listing” means a job offered or awarded by m-Bangun via the Apps to servicing companies, servicing individual, which interpretation from previously User’s request to m-Bangun

“m-Bangun Services” means all services provided by us to you.

“User”“you” or “your” means an individual who visits or uses the Website, including via the API.

“User Contract” means: (1) this User Agreement; (2) the Code of Conduct as amended from time to time; (3) any other contractual provisions accepted by both the Seller and Buyer uploaded to the Website, to the extent not inconsistent with the User Agreement and the Code of Conduct; (4) the Project terms as awarded and accepted on the Website, to the extent not inconsistent with the User Agreement and the Code of Conduct; and (5) any other material incorporated by reference from time to time.

“Website” means the Websites operated by m-Bangun and available at: and any of its regional or other domains or properties, and any related m-Bangun service, tool or application, specifically including mobile web, any iOS App and any Android App, or API or other access mechanism.

1. Overview

By accessing the Website and/or Apps, you agree to the following terms with m-Bangun.
We may amend this User Agreement and any linked information from time to time by posting amended terms on the Website, without notice to you.
The Website is an online venue where Users buy and sell Seller Services and items. Buyers and Sellers must register for an Account in order to buy or sell Seller Services and/or items. The Website enables Users to work together online to complete and pay for Projects, buy and sell items and to use the services that we provide. We are not a party to any contractual agreements between Buyer and Seller in the online venue, we merely facilitate connections between the parties.
We may, from time to time, and without notice, change or add to the Website or the information, products or services described in it. However, we do not undertake to keep the Website updated. We are not liable to you or anyone else if any error occurs in the information on the Website or if that information is not current.

2. Scope
Before using the Website and/or Apps, you must read the whole User Agreement, the Website and/or Apps policies and all linked information.
You must read and accept all of the terms in, and linked to, this User Agreement, the Code of Conduct, the m-Bangun Privacy Policy and all Website policies. By accepting this User Agreement as you access our Website and/or Apps, you agree that this User Agreement will apply whenever you use the Website, or when you use the tools we make available to interact with the Website and/or Apps. Some may have additional or other terms that we provide to you when you use those services.
3. Eligibility

You will not use the Website and/or Apps if you:

All free user accounts are associated with individuals. Login credentials should not be shared by users with others. The individual associated with the account will be held responsible for all actions taken by the account, without limitation.

Subject to your local laws, a person over 15 but under 18 can use an adult’s account with the permission of the account holder. However, the account holder is responsible for all actions taken by the account, without limitation.

Users may provide a business name or a company name, which is associated with the User’s Account. Users acknowledge and agree that where a business name or company name is associated with their Account, this User Agreement is a contract with the User as an individual (not the business or company) and Users remain solely responsible for all activity undertaken in respect of their Account.

A company, corporation, trust, partnership or other non-individual corporate entity may be a User subject to an eligible corporate account which pays corporate subscriptions.

We may, at our absolute discretion, refuse to register any person or entity as a User.

You cannot transfer or assign any rights or obligations you have under this agreement without prior written consent.

4. Using m-Bangun

While using the Website and/or Apps, you will not attempt to or otherwise do any of the following:

5. Your Responsibilities

Your order for Services from m-Bangun creates a direct relationship between You and the Servicing Provider (companies, individual, etc), to which m-Bangun is not a party. To the maximum extent permitted by Applicable Law, m-Bangun is not responsible or liable for the acts or omissions of a Servicing Provider in relation to You. You have the sole responsibility for any obligations or liabilities to Servicing Providers or any other third parties that arise from Your use of the Servicing.

6. Your Account

7. Your use of the System

8. Your Mobile Device

• Your access to the User Application will be through a Mobile Device. It is Your responsibility to check and ensure that You download the correct software (including the latest version of the User Application) for Your Mobile Device. M-Bangun is not liable if You do not have a compatible device or if You do not have the latest version of the software (including the latest version of the User Application) for Your Mobile Device.

9. Financial terms

10. Indemnities and liability

(a) any claim by You or a person acting on Your behalf that any M-Bangun Group Company, rather than a Servicing Provider, is the provider of the Transportation Services;

(b) any third party claims (including claims by any Servicing Providers) arising from Your use of the System and/or the Transportation Services; and

(c) in respect of any items that You purchase, obtain and/or transport using the Services.

11. Term and termination

12. Privacy

•  You agree and consent to M-Bangun using and processing Your personal information as set out in our Privacy Policy, as amended from time to time.

13. Disputes

14. General

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